Bbonlinedress 2016 Elegant Women Warm Faux Wrap Scarf Fur Shawl For Wedding Dress

Bbonlinedress 2016 Elegant Women Warm Faux Wrap Scarf Fur Shawl For Wedding Dress

Bbonlinedress 2017 Elegant Women Warm Faux Wrap Scarf Fur Shawl For Wedding Dress

  • Imported
  • Elegant and soft winter faux fur shawl, with high quality satin back lining
  • Size: Different fur shawls has different size, please view the product description
  • A great choice for brides, weddings, balls, parties and any other formal and casual occasions
  • Shipping Time: STANDARD shipping will take about 1-2 weeks, EXPEDITED shipping will take about 3-5 days.
  • Any other questions, please contact us freely!

Ivory: 165cmX30cm
Black Brooch: 112cmX31cm
Black Lace-up: 106cmX25cm
Ivory Beading: 110cmX28cm

Elegant, warm and soft faux wrap shawl, a great choice for wedding, party and any other occasions.

These fur shawls add how much female flavor, make you stunning and Gorgeous, will warm both your body and your heart.

Any other questions, please contact us freely, we are always at your service.



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