NASA Claims Polar Shift Due In 2012 And Other Prophecies About The End Of The World

As unlikely as cataclysmic pole shift is, scientific evidences seem to suggest that it is indeed possible. Physicists, geophysicists and experts of other fields are so intrigued with the pole shift phenomenon that it is at the heart of many scientific investigations. Even NASA claims polar shift due in 2012, just in time for the unfolding of the prophecies that were predicted as far back as a few thousand years ago.

Is it possible for cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis to happen?

Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis or simply, polar shift, is a phenomenon s best explained by the rapid shifting of the Earth’s crust, eventually causing the dislocation of all land masses on Earth. As unlikely as this phenomenon to happen sounds, scientific evidences were actually gathered to suggest that it has happened in the Earth’s past.

Some 800 million years ago, the North Pole is not where it currently lies. It was near the equator, near the very center of the globe.

Further scientific research revealed that some 800,000 years ago, the Earth underwent a pole shift. It was found out that pole shift occurs at an interval of some 250,000 to 300,000 years. If the calculations of experts on this hypothesis is right, many believe that we are entering a period when another pole shift may occur.

The actual effects of a pole shift are not yet known. But, experts suggest that a shift in the Earth’s mantle, if it happens dramatically, may reveal the fulfillment of ancient prophecies. Earthquakes, with magnitude unknown to men; volcanoes erupting at perplexing intensities; and possible destruction through the launching of nuclear warheads may all happen simultaneously. Massive quantities of animals on land and in the seas may died. Human death tolls could reach million, perhaps, billions. It would be a complete picture of cataclysm as foretold by the Mayas, Nostradamus, the I Ching, the historical Merlin, the Oracles in Rome and Delphi, and the Holy Bible.

the end of our days, of our age, of our millennium is near. If we truly are at the age that has been foretold many many years ago, we better take to heart the warning signs. Our history had seen many prophecies unfold in the past; we will see it reveal in time that these prophecies are true, so long as it keeps its current path.

If you don’t believe in ancient prophecies, then maybe you will believe in scientific evidence. NASA claims polar shift due in 2012, the same year that all other prophecies have predicted – from the ancient Chinese classic, the I Ching, to the current analyzes of Terence McKenna, the creator of the Timewave Zero and even the highly accurate predictions of the Web-Bot project. The same catastrophes that were told by the Holy Bible and Nostradamus, which by themselves, have a very good record of accurate predictions. And yes, the very same year that the Mayas have set – on December 12, 2012.

Many possibilities about the doomsday have been proposed. As intriguing as these scenarios sound, serious scientists have joined in the serious research on the validity of these claims, prophecies and predictions. NASA claims polar shift due in 2012 too. Find out the truth and visit my website.

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